Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Danger to Drive-Ins

Read me at The Awl on technology’s abrupt challenge to outdoor cinema in “There are Now Just 357 American Drive-In Theaters.” 

Danilo Kis, Unsung Yugoslavian Postmodernist

Read me at the Daily Beast on “Danilo Kis, The Stylish Historian of Infamy” 

Lambert’s Seagram

Read me in Architectural Record on Phyllis Lambert’s “Building Seagram” 

Our Early Literature

Read me in the Weekly Standard on the early American novel and Philip Gura’s “Truth’s Ragged Edge” in “Our Stories Begin”

NYC Cinema Architecture

Read me in the Wall Street Journal on NYC cinema architecture in “Movie Theaters Roll Out Marquee Architecture” 

Racecourse Architecture

Read me at Metropolis on building for sport in “Racecourse Architecture” 

Boutique Hotels, Then and Now

Read me in the Wall Street Journal on “Boutique Hotels: ‘Home’ Away From Home.”