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Bound for Glory

Read me on the proto-branding of smaller station design in the golden age of rail at Citylab in “America’s Train Stations: An Architectural Explainer” 

Aluminum Dreams

Read me at Curbed on Alcoa’s Care-free Homes in “The midcentury aluminum homes that would have changed U.S. suburbs” 

Capitol Betters

Read me at Atlantic Citylab on “America’s State Capitols: An Architectural Explainer”

Supply and Command

Read me at Military History on Robert O’Harrow’s “The Quartermaster: Montgomery C. Meigs, Lincoln’s General, Master Builder of the Union Army”  

The Modern Past in Africa

Read me in Metropolis on the exhibit and book”Architecture of Independence: African Modernism” in “Liberation by Architecture: The Optimism of African Modernism.”

Chareau You Know

Read me at Metropolis on The Jewish Museum’s Pierre Chareau exhibition in “New Retrospective Glimpses the Man Behind the Maison de Verre” 

Old New Towns

Read me in The Guardian on the forgotten history and continued legacy of Title VII New Towns in “US housing crisis: what can Ben Carson learn from radical 1960s ‘new town’ plan?”