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The Woman of Wrocław

Read me at Citylab on The Center for Architecture’s Patchwork: The Architecture of Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak in “The Woman Who Elevated Modern Poland’s Architecture”  Advertisements

Coming to America

Read me on Gropius & Breuer’s Aluminum City Terrace at Citylab in “The Dream of the Bauhaus is Alive Just Outside Pittsburgh.”    

Niemeyer in São Paulo

Read me at Citylab on Niemeyer’s two São Paulo cultural ensembles in “As Brazil Went, So Did Oscar Niemeyer”

Pittsburgh’s Prime Modernist

Read me at Citylab on the work of Tasso Katselas in “The Face Behind Pittsburgh’s Modernism” 

Baltimore’s New Past

Read me at Citylab on Moshe Safdie’s Coldspring Newtown in Baltimore in “Beyond Habitat” 

Bell Works Back to Work

Read me at Citylab on the revival of the Bell Labs building in “A New Urbanist Developer Gives Saarinen a Reboot” 

Twin Parks, Brief Peaks

Read me at Citylab on the 1970s Twin Parks project in the Bronx in “It Wouldn’t Happen Today”