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Pittsburgh Modern

Read me at Metropolis on “Imagining the Modern: Architecture and Urbanism of the Pittsburgh Renaissance.” 

Rudolph in Hong Kong

Read me at Metropolis on the Center for Architecture’s “Paul Rudolph: The Hong Kong Journey” in “See the Swan Song Designs of Paul Rudolph.”    

Participatory Provocations

Read me at Metropolis on a current Center for Architecture show in “5×5 Exhibition Proves Architects Can Still Tackle Thorny Political Issues” 

Drawn Wright

Read me at Metropolis on Ian Volner and Michael Kirkham’s “This Is Frank Lloyd Wright” 

The Modern Past in Africa

Read me in Metropolis on the exhibit and book”Architecture of Independence: African Modernism” in “Liberation by Architecture: The Optimism of African Modernism.”

Chareau You Know

Read me at Metropolis on The Jewish Museum’s Pierre Chareau exhibition in “New Retrospective Glimpses the Man Behind the Maison de Verre” 

You Can Afford This

Read me at Metropolis on “Affordable Housing in New York: The People, Places, and Policies That Transformed a City” in “Can Affordable Housing Overcome the Odds (Once Again) in New York?”