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Aspire to Speyer

Read me in The Wall Street Journal on A. James Speyer’s Apt House in “The House that Launched an Astronaut’s Career” 


Read me at Metropolis on Reyner Banham’s reprinted “Megastructures: Urban Futures of the Recent Past”

Bryant Park Revived

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The New Old Town

Read me on the postwar reconstruction of Warsaw at The Daily Beast in “This European Old Town is Fake–but Full of Secrets” 

The Evanescent Airport

Read me at Citylab on “The Brief, Expensive Lives of Airport Terminals”

Lem Lives

Read me on six new Stanisław Lem reprints from MIT Press at The Washington Examiner in “Stranger than Science Fiction” 

The Farmers Market, Planned

Read me at The American Conservative on Kathryn Clarke Alrbight’s “Exploring the Architecture of Place in America’s Farmers Markets” 

Tenements to Towers

Read me at Metropolis on “Housing Density: From Tenements to Towers”at The Skyscraper Museum

Ordering Order

Read me at Boston Review on “Trump’s Culture Wars Come to Architecture”

New York Central Casting

Read me at Metropolis on “Nivola in New York: Figure in Field”at The Cooper Union.