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Whit Stillmania

Read me in The American Conservative on “The Witty, Wistful Films of Whit Stillman”  Advertisements

The Greek Civil War

Read me at Claremont Review of Books on Andre Gerolymatos’ An International Civil War: Greece 1943-1949 in “Greek Tragedy”

Participatory Provocations

Read me at Metropolis on a current Center for Architecture show in “5×5 Exhibition Proves Architects Can Still Tackle Thorny Political Issues” 

The Center Can Hold

Read me at Citylab on the varied lives of Allegheny Center in “Renewing Renewal in Pittsburgh” 

The Mall, Sideways

Read me at Citylab on “How Manhattan Got Vertical Retail Right, Again”

Drawn Wright

Read me at Metropolis on Ian Volner and Michael Kirkham’s “This Is Frank Lloyd Wright” 

Colonially Modern

Read me on the story behind the wealth of modernism in a colonial neighborhood in “A Modernist’s Guide to Society Hill”