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Red Dawn

Read me at Military History on the US intervention in Russia in 1918 in “The Polar Bear Expedition” 

Brooklyn Best

Read me in The American Conservative on Thomas Campanella’s “Brooklyn: The Once and Future City” 

Metternich Redeemed

Read me in The Washington Examiner on Wolfram Siemann’s “Metternich: Strategist and Visionary” 

Take a Map

Read me at the New Atlantis on William Rankin’s “Beyond the Map” in “The Political Path to GPS”

The Dead March

Read me in Military History on Peter Guardino’s “The Dead March: A History of the Mexican-American War” 

Twin Parks, Brief Peaks

Read me at Citylab on the 1970s Twin Parks project in the Bronx in “It Wouldn’t Happen Today” 

The Greek Civil War

Read me at Claremont Review of Books on Andre Gerolymatos’ An International Civil War: Greece 1943-1949 in “Greek Tragedy”